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Does Naturvetarna negotiate the salary raise?

You claim that you negotiated a raise for members to be 3.9% but I got a raise only 2.0%. the same in the whole Lund University Biology Department.
We here are members in Naturveterna but somehow you didn't negotiated the nice raise for us. Why?



  • Hi Ewa,
    Thank you for your question. The 3,9 % that we are writing about on our website is based on our salary survey that our members have been asked to fill in for 2022. The numbers show the salary level as it was in October 2022 for employees with the same employer and title both 2021 and 2022. 3,9 % is the average salary increase for Naturvetare in both private and public sector, and in all professional areas during 2022, so there are members who both have a higher or lower increase.

    Please note that this number is not the salary increase Naturvetarna has negotiated for the yearly salary review for 2023. As Naturvetarna has numberless agreements, salaries are always individual and mostly based on performance. This means that each member will have a dialogue with their manager and agree on a new salary each year. Naturvetarna does not negotiate an exact number that each employer has to give their employees. Instead, this is an individual negotiation and agreement between the employee and the employer. Hence, the salary increase may vary and differ between employees and employers.

    I hope this is of help to understand the situation!

    Best regards,

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