Resign and unemployment money

Can I get unemployment money if I resign because of  anxiety caused by my supervisor? I take every day anxiety/depression  prescription drugs prescribed by my vardcentralen doctor. I have never taken anything  before in life and everything started when I started as a post doc in my actual group. Most of my colleagues have the same problems I have due to unprofessional  behaviour of the supervisor. I don't  want to start any war, I just want to leave and I need to make sure if I am untitled for unemployment money.

Thank you


  • Hi,

    Thank you for contacting us. It sounds like a difficult situation. I do understand that you do not want to start a conflict, but on the other hand I must urge you to at least try to make the employer aware of the situation. Perhaps there is a skyddsombud at the work place that you can turn to? You are also welcome to contact us and tell us where you work so we can look into the situation and hopefully help out.

    When it comes to the a-kassa, there is usually a suspension period when you resign on your own. That means that you can not get the support for up to 45 days (plus 2 days in the beginning). This is because you have made yourself unemployed. There are exceptions from the main rule, for instance if you have been forced to resign because of harassment or sickness linked to your job situation. You need proof to show this and that is also a reason why it is a good idea to contact us before you make any decisions. Also, contact your a-kassa and let them inform you about the rules and what kind of proof they need. Your doctor can help you with documents if needed. Here you can find more information in Swedish: Egen uppsägning - Akademikernas a-kassa (

    I hope that we can support you and that you find a solution to the situation.
  • Following on that, if I resign because I am relocating can I still appply to a-kassa after the 45 days have passed?
  • Hi Gabriel,

    If you decide that you do not want a relocation to a new location there are two scenarios.

    1. The new location is outside of your contractual geographical area of work. In this case you are entitled to decline the offer, with the result that the employer probably will terminate your contract due to redundancy. In this situation you are eligible for unemployment benefits and income insurance without any suspension period, as long as you meet the basic requirements.

    2. The new location is within your contractual geographic area of work. In this case you are required to relocate, but can of course terminate the employment yourself. In that scenario you will be suspended from A-kassa for 45 (+2) days and will not be eligible for the income insurance.

    If you are a member of Naturvetarna and want specific advice on your situation, I recommend that you contact Naturvetarnas medlemsrådgivning.

    All the best,

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