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Annual Leave act (Semesterlagen) and carrying over vacation

Hi! Is there a standard when it comes to using up carried over paid leave? I have 5 days paid leave carried over from last year. In that case, is there a law/policy that the carried over leave is used first and then the current year's paid leave?

My HR says that since I used the 5 days from last year and only 18 days from the current year I will be unable to carry over the remaining 7 days of paid vacation due to the rule that I have to take a minimum of 20 days from the current year. Is this true or can I refute this?

For context, I have an employer of record (EOR) contract so it has been very difficult getting appropriate help as a Swedish employee.


  • Hi Ashwini,

    Your HR is partly right. If you have 25 vacation days 2023 you can only save five to next year, which means you have to use two more days 2023. But your employer can't refuse you to save five days.
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