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What should I consider before my job interview?

I have been called for an interview. What should I think about when I am preparing for it?


  • Hi,

    Preparation is everything when you are going for an interview.

    Ask the employer a few questions before the interview: 
    • Who you will be meeting?
    • How long the interview will last?
    • What language will be used?
    • If you should bring anything with you e.g. contact information for your references?
    • If there is anything you need to prepare for the interview?
    • If there will be some form of test/analysis?

    Prepare yourself for the interview by: 
    • Read through the advertisement and your application again so you understand the job you are being interviewed for and what you have written in your application. Get to know the employer by visiting their website but also use other sources that may have useful information. 
    • Prepare your own questions for the employer as this shows interest. These questions may vary, but they should be based on what you want to know about the job and the employer/workplace in order for you to feel secure enough to accept a possible offer.
    • Think about what valuable you will bring to the employer, i.e. why you are the best candidate and why they should hire you. Also, review the most common questions that may come up.
    • As a member of Naturvetarna you can book an interview training session with our career advisors where they go through common interview questions and where you can practise and reflect on your answers. 
    • Check the salary level for the specific position you are being interviewed for. Log in to Saco lönesök or contact the union representatives who are sometimes listed in the advertisement. If you are a member of Naturvetarna you can also contact our membership helpline at radgivning@naturvetarna.se.
    Finally, remember that you have been called for an interview, which means that you have something that the employer is looking for. Be yourself and go into the interview believing that you have already landed the job.

    Good luck!

    Best regards,
    (Uppdaterad )

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