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What shall I say about the salary level I want?

How do I answer questions about how much salary I want during the interview?
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  • Hi,

    The best thing would be to postpone this discussion until you are offered the job as it is only at that point that discussing salary becomes relevant.

    Think about the salary you would be really happy with and the salary you would accept and the one you would reject. Keep in mind that this is a negotiation and add a bargaining margin to the salary you finally wish to accept.

    I recommend that you check the salary level normally paid for the position in question. Easy to do by logging in to Saco lönesök or contacting the Naturvetarna membership helpline at radgivning@naturvetarna.se or 08-4662480.

    However, Statistics should be used with caution, as they never reflect the current situation.

    Good luck at the interview!

    Best regards,

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