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What is my job period of notice?

What is my job period of notice?
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    You can normally find your notice period in your employment contract. Your employment contract must state the notice period or there may be a reference to a current collective agreement where your notice period will be stated (link to our collective agreements).

    If there is no period of notice stated in your employment contract or in a collective agreement that applies to your job, you have one month's notice in accordance with the Employment Security Act (LAS), Section 11 (link to relevant legislation).

    If you are on probationary employment, there is normally no notice period. However, the employer is obliged to notify you at least 2 weeks in advance if they wish to terminate your employment prematurely or not allow it to be transferred to a permanent position (see Section 31 of LAS). Even as concerns probationary employment, a period of notice or other notification period may be stated in your employment contract or in a relevant collective agreement.

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