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What is my holiday/vacation day entitlement?

How many holiday/vacation days am I entitled to?
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  • Hi,

    According to the Annual Leave Act, you are entitled to 25 paid holiday days per year. If your employer has signed a collective agreement, you may be entitled to additional holiday days, or you and your employer may have agreed on more holiday days than is stated in the law or the collective agreement.

    Find out what applies by checking your employment contract or the relevant collective agreement.

    If you have begun your employment after 31 August, you are only entitled to 5 unpaid holiday days during that holiday year.

    Please Note! If your employment is intended to last for a maximum of 3 months, an agreement not to take holiday days may be reached. Instead, holiday increment is paid, i.e. 12% extra. This also applies to hourly employment, on-demand employment or intermittent employment.

    In order for you to take out paid holiday days, they must first be earned. Any questions about holiday rules and how earning paid holiday days works? Read more here.

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