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Unemployment benefit & income insurance

Dear Naturvetarna,

I am unemployed now. I have applied the unemployment benefit from Akademikernas a-kassa. They have already made the decision and I could get the unemployed benefit since May 20th. Could you tell me how can I apply the unemployment benefit from the naturvetarna? Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


  • Hi Jun,

    Naturvetarna has an Income Insurance that is included in your membership.

    To be eligable for the income Insurance you must meet the following requirements:
    • You have to be a member of Naturvetarna for at least 12 month prior to unemployment.
    • You must have been employed during at least 12 of the last 18 months prior to unemployment with a minimum of 80 working hours per month.
    • You must be a member of, and eligible for compensation from Akademikernas a-kassa.
    • The unemployment is involontary or you meet the requirements of acceptable reason for resigning, according to Akademikernas a-kassa.
    When you register at The Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen), your Unemployment Fund (Akademikernas a-kassa) automatically gets information about your unemployment situation. After a few days you get an application form from the Complementary Income Insurance.

    Your eligibility to compensation from the Complementary Income Insurance is determined when AEA has decided if you are entitled to compensation from the Unemployment Insurance. You will get the decision in Writing.

    If you for some reasons do not recieve the form you can find the form here

    Note that the income Insurance is goverened by an organization separate from the Union. This is their Contact information. 

    Tel: 0770-78 20 50
    E-mail: kundservice@inkomstforsakring.com

    Website: https://www.inkomstforsakring.com/naturvetarna/english/

    Kind regards,
  • Hello,

    I have been unemployed from Jan 1st. 2020 until Jan 27th. and received unemployment compensation from Akassa. I am now wondering how to apply for the compensation from Naturvetarna?

  • Hi Alireza,

    Thank you for your question,

    Contact the income insurance directly for help.

    Best regards

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