Can I become a member?

Can I sign up for the membership when I am unemployed?
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  • Hi,

    Have you studied a scientific subject for at least three years at university? Then you are welcome to join us at Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists!
    Apply here and read more about our service and benefits for you here.

    We coach, represent and support scientists across the entire labour market and through their entire working lives. Whether you are a recent graduate or have many years of experience; whether you are a job seeker, manager, doctoral candidate, entrepreneur or student.

    The membership fee is 250 SEK/month but you can apply for reduced fee if you have a gross income below SEK 20 000 per month.

    If you are not already of member of the unemployment insurance fund (Akademikernas A-kassa) then I would strongly recommend you apply for a membership there as well.

    Welcome as a member in Naturvetarna!

    Best regards,

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