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Membership fee for Swedish language students?


I am a dietician who studied my bachelor's degree in Iran. Now, I am studying Swedish language in level 'SVA 2 grund' in adults school. I am going to apply for CSN soon and do not have any other income. I was wondering if I can become a member as a student or with a discounted fee. I am really interested to become a member.
I would appreciate your advice in this regard.



  • Hi,

    We are glad that you are interested in becoming a member in Naturvetarna. You are most welcome to apply for membership.

    The membership fee for you will be based on monthly income and since you have no income the fee will be 90 SEK per month.

    I would like to inform you that information we send out to our members is in Swedish. We have some information in English that you can find on our website. But you are of course welcome to contact us by phone or email if there is anything you are wondering about.

    Best regards

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