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How do I pay my membership fee?

How do I pay my fee?
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  • Hi,

    Your first payment slip from Naturvetarna will be a standard printed invoice sent via the Swedish Post.

    If you prefer you can pay via direct debit (autogiro) or via an e-invoice (e-faktura).

    If you choose to pay via direct debit (autogiro) you simply give Naturvetarna a “power of attorney” to collect your monthly membership fee directly from your bank account, by filling in the form at www.naturvetarna.se/payment.

    For those who do their banking online, you can pay the bills from Naturvetarna via an e-invoice (e-faktura). Most of the larger banks in Sweden handle e-invoices.
    Do the following, if you already do online banking:
    • Log into you bank in usual way
    • Find and click on “E-faktura” (electronic) e-invoices
    • Search for Naturvetarna
    • Click on Naturvetarna, and follow the instructions you will see on the screen
    • The payment notice which you have already received, are to be used and paid as usual. After that, you can apply to pay your monthly membership fee via e-invoice (e-faktura) from then on.
    • If you should change your mind, and do not wish to continue paying via e-invoice (e-faktura) you can unsubscribe to that payment service through your online bank. This means that you will recieve the standard printed invoice sent via the Swedish Post again.
    • If you are presently paying via direct debit (autogiro) and wish to change to the e-invoice (e-faktura) method, you must first withdraw your permission to use direct debit (autogiro). You do this either by contacting your bank, or by informing Naturvetarna´s membership service.
    Best regards,

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